You will never find me finance.

This is the phrase we hear from our customers every day and is mainly because they are fed up trawling through different companies only to be told their finance has been declined. Whilst we can in no way guarantee finance for our customers, I will always reassure them that I hear this phrase over and over and over again day in day out and we are still selling cars.

I thought I would write a bit about this today just to explain how we differ from other garages and finance brokers. The answer is fundamentally we are all the same we have access to the same tools and companies as everyone else the difference is our approach.

For many years “subprime” customers were never sought after by mainstream dealers and most smaller garages or brokers it was seen as too much work and for most of the big guys there is someone walking in behind you so if they don’t get you passed by the easy route is it worth it?

As we are a much smaller dealer we have always taken the approach of making sure we exhaust all possibilities for every customer regardless of their credit score, and yes this can mean a lot more work and can take more time for example some companies can ask for a lot of supporting documents which may take our customers a bit of time to gather. But we have always been more than happy to do this as this more than anything else is what sets us apart.

Before coming to work in the family business I worked in subprime finance as an underwriter for nearly 10 years so have a good understanding of what is required when dealing with customers whose credit score is low. We love how we work here and there is nothing better than finding finance for someone who has used that phrase.

I hope this helps give you a better understanding of what we do that’s different here and as always if you have any questions about this or anything else please get in touch.


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